Planning of The Boyne Heritage Center at the new City Facilities building is currently underway!

Step back in time to an era when horses outnumbered cars as the main form of transportation, logging was the main industry, and every yard had an outhouse! Read about the first permanent settlers in Boyne City, John and Harriet Miller, the father of Boyne City, George Beardsley, and other prominent families like the Morgans and the Whites (W.H. White Lumber Co.).

We have great collection of historical photos. Through the years the museum has acquired photos of the old logging camps, BCG&A Railroad, W.H. White Lumber Mills, and much more.

319 N. Lake St., Boyne City, MI 49712


Boyne District Library

The library is pleased to offer many resources on local history, and has a digital archive with over 25,000 images that are all key word searchable.

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