The east end of Lake Charlevoix has some of the best cover and shallow bottom structure on the lake. Old slab wood from the lumber mill and abundant weed growth offer good cover for walleye, small-mouth bass and northern pike. Work the area from the Boyne River Mouth to just south of Harborage Marina.

The Boyne River is a small to medium size river with diverse angling opportunities. It has a population of resident trout and an annual migration of salmon and steel-head. The salmon and steelhead fishery is provided from Lake Michigan, through Lake Charlevoix into the Boyne River.

The Boyne River provides angling throughout the year. Quality hatches provide for excellent trout fishing, best during the spring and summer. Migratory runs of steelhead and salmon from fall to spring, provide the angler with an opportunity to hook into a trophy fish. Moderate in size it averages 40 feet in width.  Look for large brown trout, steel-head, and salmon to hold in the deep slots and seams located from the dam to Lake Charlevoix. The hatches in this area are strong and provide good dry fly angling for the river’s resident trout. The main stream can be accessed from side roads leading off of MI Route 75.