History Overview

It all started on November 14, 1856 when John and Harriet Miller arrived in what would be later named Boyne City. The community’s historic roots run deep and its appreciation for its colorful past is treasured and celebrated. For a trip through the community’s past a visit to the Boyne City Historical Museum is a must. You will get a feel what it was like for the Millers, how industry along the lakeshore took hold, and how the community has transitioned into what it is today.

National Register of Historic Places

A significant achievement for downtown Boyne City was its listing on the National Register of Historic Places. The downtown historic district includes the 100 and 200 blocks of Water and Lake streets, parts of Main Street between Lake and Park, the 100 block of South Park, and the local Pearl Street Historic District.  The National Register is the federal government’s official list of properties that are deemed to be worthy of preservation because of their importance in American history and culture. National Register designation provides recognition and, most importantly, allows property owners to take advantage of Federal Historic Tax Credits to maintain and improve their buildings.